I hate spring


Spring to me is the worst season. everything is melting and the ground is always really swampy.. there’s also a lot of rain and its never hot or cold! its in between and it seems like there’s no good days to go outside! Also there’s no good sports that start in spring!!!!!!! Spring is no fun.



I hate it when people tickle me!! It is the worst thing ever, you can’t even breathe…

If you’re not ticklish you’re the luckiest person ever!!

I hate watermellon!!

a popular food most people like is watermelon, and I hate it… to me it just doesn’t taste right, it has no flavour. everything watermelon flavoured is gross too!!

Watermelon is the worst fruit in the planet.

I dislike mice

I hate mice!!! They are so sneaky and you never know where they are!


The other day I was putting on my hockey equipment.. I had already put all my equipment on except my jersey, I picked it up o put it on when I noticed it was in shreds. It took me a moment until i realized that a mouse had chewed it up! I screamed and jumped ont he bench (to avoid the mouse.) another person from my team flipped my bag and out pops a huge mouse. we batted the fuzzy creature until it went out of the room… to this day there’s still a mouse running free in the CRA…!

I hate watching gold

I hate watching golf. if only it was a little faster…

golf has no entertainment what so ever…  i really concider it an old person sport. (sorry*)

I hate sad animal movies..

marley and me

I dont know about you but i would way rather see a human die in a movie then any animal!


I strongly dislike fish…..

– one day I was tubing with Katelyn when we sucked a fish up with the motor. Katelyns dad (Mike) threw it at us, i jumped off the tube and the fish came with me, i was swimming frantically away when I noticed it was in front of me – I was practically eating it!

They are truly disgusting …


what would you do if you saw this?

what would you do if you saw this?

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